<aside> ⚡ Highlights of my life, updated annually.



My wife and I welcomed #ladyLanie to the world. She’s a lamb compared to her brother, a real lion.


My wife convinced me to buy a 71 year old home and renovate it. As stressful as it was, it was definitely also fun.

Our grounds total nearly 2 acres and as a result, I’ve grown to enjoy gardening and select landscaping activities.


In the Spring, I began advising Happy Valley Capital, a Penn State student organization focused on education their membership on startups and venture capital.

In June, Jon Bradford joined Dynamo as our fourth Partner after serving as an Advisor since our inception - huge level up for the whole team.


In January, my wife and I welcomed our son, #myBudHud to the world.


In March, enjoyed a two-weekend wedding celebration where Melissa and I got married.

In the fall, earned Forbes 30 Under 30 accolades for Venture Capital.


Co-founded Dynamo Ventures, a supply chain and mobility seed fund.


I joined Lamp Post Group in Chattanooga, TN, as part of a grand experiment — Lamp Post Labs, an innovation lab. In December, I transitioned to my current role and began laying out the roadmap for Dynamo.


I grew restless and had decided to further explore Product Management and joined General Assembly’s Product Management program in NYC.